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Trackman 4
Launch Monitor

  • Used by a number of world’s best players

  • Accurate, fast and informative data

  • Requires a small metal dot on the ball for radar tracking

  • Wireless connection to WiFi network

  • Portability - Can take it to the driving range

  • Minimum room length of 8 metres required


Over the past decade, Trackman has established itself as one of the premier brand names in golf. Their radar-based launch monitor is another top choice for home simulator setups.


Its devices are used by a number of the world’s best players and the new Trackman 4 offers accurate data thanks to a patented multi-sensor technology that synchronises an inbuilt camera with two bespoke designed ultra-sensitive radars.


Because Trackman uses radar to track the golf ball, it does require significant space. Trackman recommends up to 2.75 metres behind the ball and 4.6 metres in front of the golfer, plus space for the screen and access behind a total of 8 metres in room length is recommended. The overall minimum room size required is 4.5 metres wide x 8 metres long, which will eliminate some homes.


TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS)
$1,400 (annual subscription)


Virtual Golf 2 by TrackMan
$1,400 (annual subscription)

Simulator Components

Once you have chosen your launch monitor, we can design the space and compete the construction drawings. Read on about the rest of the equipment that is required to complete your golf simulator room.

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