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Immersive Riding Solutions

Immersive Audio Visual technology

As audio visual specialists, Engolfed helps you design a space that suits your fitness demands with the realistic outdoor cycling experience. We bring the 4K screens on height adjustable mobile TV stands that comfortably fit into most rooms, or design a dedicated cinematic real life experience with floor to ceiling projection screens for a fully immersive ride.

Mobile riding experience

The standard human’s Field of Vision is 180º side to side, and about 100º up and down. This is what we call peripheral vision. But our Field of View is much, much smaller, just 6-7º. This is the tiny window of complex detail that we use for things like reading and facial recognition.

What this means for us is that we should be able to fool our eyes (and therefore brains) into thinking we’re surrounded by a visual if we can:

A) get a big enough screen, and

B) put it close enough to our face.

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Fully immersive
in-home training

With the combination of floor to ceiling projection screens and Atmos surround sound audio, you can transform your regular ride into the most immersive riding experience when training indoors. 


Ride any cycle track or training route in any country around the world like you are actually there. Floor to ceiling projection screen portrays life size imagery and 6000 lumens laser sharp 4K projector throws true colour vibrant scenery of your ride.

What makes us the race leader

Simulator Components

So if you need help designing and creating your dedicated riding simulator space, or if you already have your bike set up ready to go and are missing that final piece of the puzzle to take your riding experience to a whole new level, now is the perfect time to call us.


We will ride with you from dream to fruition.

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