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The GCHawk is an overhead-mounted launch monitor that delivers a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your game. Harnessing the same object-sensing and image-capturing technology found on the GCQuad, the overhead-mounted GCHawk fits seamlessly into a commercial or residential environment. Combine it with Foresight FSX performance and gaming suite and enjoy hundreds of world-class courses, skill-building games, and global leagues and competitions. This user manual will help you better understand the proper set-up, operation, and care of your GCHAWK.




GCHawk will not connect to software

Is the GC Hawk connected correctly?
To check this, confirm the Ethernet or USB cable is properly connected to the GC Hawk and to your computer.
Tip: If using any extension cable, be sure that it is connected correctly and, if needed, is using a hub that it is powered.

Is the GC Hawk recognised and connected within the Software?
Locate the devices option and confirm your device is connected. If needed reference the software user manual for guidance.

GCHawk will not lock onto the ball.

Will your GC Hawk locate the ball in the hitting zone?

To confirm this, move the ball into the respective hitting zone and wait for the indicator light on the device to turn solid blue. If this is not happening the view of the ball may be obstructed or the hitting zone may not be identified correctly due to incorrect user calibration.
Tip: Attempt to move the ball from the left and right hitting zones to diagnose if there is any change.

GCHawk will not power on.

Is the GC Hawk receiving power?
Reset all connections. Remove and then Plug Back in the power cable from the back of the GC Hawk, Check the Power Brick Connections (small blue light indicates power), and Check the connection to the wall outlet.

Is your power remote active?
Be sure your remote has batteries and is operational. If this is in question remove the GC Hawk power cable from the wireless remote control outlet and plug the GC Hawk power cable directly to the wall outlet.


To activate target alignment, swipe down to access the Quick Settings page. Select SETTINGS, then go to TARGET ALIGNMENT

Target alignment can be adjusted up to 10 degrees on the GC3 via the FSS Alignment Stick. To adjust alignment, place the FSS Alignment Stick in the GC3 hitting zone and align to your target. Once aligned, step away from the device to allow for calibration.

After a few seconds, both LED indicators will show yellow and the unit will give an audible tone. The new alignment angle will be shown on the LCD screen.

Alignment can be viewed and reset at any time from the Target Alignment menu in System Options. To reset alignment to factory default in this screen, press the OK key. Alignment is always reset when the unit is powered off.


Storage And Maintenance

Cleaning the GCHawk

To remove dirt, wipe the device with a damp cloth, be sure to gently clear the lenses in order to avoid scratching them. You may use an air can or compressed air to gently blow of loose items as well.


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