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A ceiling height of 3 metres is a “safe” distance that can accommodate most golfers’ height and swing type.

Sim 9.jpeg


When thinking about the width of the room, there are two things to consider:

  • Will the room only be for a right-handed golfer, or will lefties be playing as well?

  • Shanks happen, do you have enough space to protect your walls?

If you are going to have left and right-handed golfers, then 4.5 metres is appropriate.

Room Length

The minimum depth of the room you will need is about 5 metres. This includes 300mm from the wall to the screen, 2.5 metres from the screen to the tee, and finally 2.2 metres of safe distance behind the golfer.


However, if you are using a radar-based system like Trackman, you might require as much as 9 metres. Photometric systems like Skytrak, Uneekor, and Foresight measure from the ball’s side, and room depth is not as important. However, radar-based products like Trackman and FlightScope measure from behind the golfer, and it needs to track the ball for a minimum of two revolutions to get an accurate reading.

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